Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Harsh but true? UK parliamentary report on STFC woes

A UK parliamentary report on science funding has a substantial section investigating the STFC funding debacle (previously discussed here, here and here). See Section 3 in particular. The report is refreshingly clearly written. It concludes regarding the STFC:

STFC's problems have their roots in the size of the CSR07 settlement and the legacy of bringing CCLRC and PPARC together, but they have been exacerbated by a poorly conceived delivery plan, lamentable communication and poor leadership, as well as major senior management misjudgements. Substantial and urgent changes are now needed in the way in which the Council is run in order to restore confidence and to give it the leadership it desperately needs and has so far failed properly to receive. This raises serious questions about the role and performance of the Chief Executive, especially his ability to retain the confidence of the scientific community as well as to carry through the necessary changes outlined here.

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