Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Change is here

We drove by the school hosting the poll in out area at 7:40am, 40 minutes after the poll had opened, to see a line stretching outside the school entrance and all the way along the side of the building. Parking lot full, neighboring streets full of parked cars. Without the time to spend an hour or two in line before work it appears like we'll have to come back after work.

Rain is predicted here all afternoon and up to poll closing time at 8pm.

The highways were surprising free of cars, no stop and go traffic, haven't driven to work this quickly in months. A lot of people must have changed their schedules, or be stuck in lines at the polling booths.

Maryland is very much a blue state, so that Obama (or pretty much any Democrat) winning this state is inevitable. Yet it appears that voter turnout here will be historic.

[Update @ 6pm: Got out of work early, drove the polling place through heavy and intermittent showers arriving there at ~5pm. Essentially no queue, in and out within 10 minutes. Now the wait begins...]

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