Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Our big M82 supernova feedback efficiency and mass loading theory paper was accepted by the ApJ today!

The preprint should appear on arXiv on Thursday.

The deliberately garish image to the right is Figure 1 in the paper. Its the central 5 kpc x 5 kpc of M82 as seen in soft X-ray emission (red, showing hot gas at ~5 million degrees K in the extended superwind), optical R-band (green, showing starlight from the disk of the galaxy), and diffuse hard X-ray emission (blue, a combination of emission from very hot gas at 30-80 million degrees K and possibly non-thermal continuum emission). The white circle outlines a radius of 500 pc from the center of M82, highlighting the close association of the hard X-ray emission with the central starburst region.

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