Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Quality of each US state's science standards evaluated. MD gets a C

Mead and Mates evaluate state science standards with respect to their treatment of evolution and cosmology:

Our survey indicates that science standards tend to cover evolution more extensively than they did a decade ago, and that the average quality of the treatment has increased. However, certain types of creationist language are also becoming more common in state standards. We also discuss the history and role of state science standards in American public education.
I'd assumed that the Mid-Atlantic and New England states would all do well, but Maryland only gets a C, along with New York and Maine, while Connecticut gets a D. PA surprisingly enough gets an A.

MD gets a C thanks to "No human evolution. Discussion of cosmology in earth and space standards lacking." Connecticut is even worse: "Human evolution has been dropped. Despite specific reference to evolution in PreK-8 framework, there is no mention of age of the earth, fossils, Big Bang theory, plate tectonics, etc. "

[Image taken from their paper.]

Mead, L.S. & Mates, A., 2009, Evolution: Education and Outreach, 2(3): 359-371.

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