Friday, April 29, 2011

Changed Targets of Interest

I finally got around to making some long-needed changes to the links visible on the right hand side of this blog.

  • Laelaps, Not Exactly Rocket Science, Gene Expression, and the Primate Diaries "in Exile" are back in and/or are now working, finally catching up with all the moves associated with the great scienceblogs Pepsi kerfuffle about a year ago...
  • Deltoid, Sandwalk, john hawk's weblog, Bartholomew's notes, Crooked Timber and so finally got added as I read them often enough to make a direct link worthwhile.
  • My old non-astro blog got removed as I never update it any more.
  • Parasite of the Day, Molecule of the Day, Denialism Blog got removed as they're updated too infrequently. Sad, as they were great.
  • Uncertain Principles gets deleted because there isn't enough interesting science to offset his knee-jerk atheist-bashing.

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