Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steve Irwin Tribute

Animal Planet aired the Steve Irwin Tribute show last night (Tuesday September 19th, 2006). It was at the main croc enclosure (Crocoseum) at Australia Zoo, a mix of eulogies, taped tributes by media personalities, clips of Steve in action, and live music.

I know it doesn't sound all that great from my poor description, but it was probably the best send-off/tribute/funeral-type-thing I've even seen televised. I watched in bed, dampness in my eyes (Keli was sniffling too). It was sad, yet uplifting. Lighthearted, even comedic, yet deeply serious.

I won't describe the details, you can go here for an ozzy paper review with details the tribute service, just the thoughts I had about the service.

  • It was incredibly well produced. Someone put a lot of time and effort into producing it and they did an amazing job. Good on ya mate!
  • Bindi (Steve and Terri's nine-year-old daughter) gave a great (and quite deep) send off to her father. No hesitation, no umming and ahing. The kid has talent, and maybe quite a future taking over from Steve?
I kept wondering why didn't I feel like it was cheezy, superficial and painful-to-watch, like so many other stage-managed memorial services? I think it must be that the feelings expressed by the people who knew Steve were so sincere. It was clear they felt deeply, sorrowful, yet the viewer could relate to how much they'd enjoyed knowing Steve. Maybe that you were also feeling the same things, the bittersweet mix pleasure of remembering the Steve you enjoyed watching with the pain of loss. Someone said people like the croc hunter because he was so clearly himself on camera that you felt you really knew him, that he was your friend.

Bah, I can't explain it. Just watch it if you have the opportunity and if you liked watching the croc-hunter, you'll feel better for it.

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