Thursday, November 09, 2006

He may like puppies, but he's into disenfranchising voters from both MD and PA.

The folks at TPMmuckraker must be feeling particularly Herculean after all the mud-slinging associated with the 2006 midterm, but additional commendations are due to them for this follow-up about Ehrlich (R-ex governor) and Steele's (R-loser) attempt to trick pro-Democratic African-American voters into thing Ehrlich and Steele were democrats (see the original story from Nov 07th here first for some context if you want).

Let us present the Sordid history of Maryland Republican's latest attempt to mislead and disenfranchise the African American voter:

  • Oct 31st 2006: Five African American County Council members from Prince Georges county and a former county executive (Wayne K. Curry) endorse Steele (R-lying liar). Of the images of African American democrats presented on the cover of the Ehrlich Steele Democrats flier only Curry endorses Steele (even Curry does NOT support Ehrlich). Mfume is shown, and as a former congressman and former leader of the NAACP and recently a candidate for Democratic MD Senate primary Stelle is running for) certainly doesn't endorse Steele in any if you need any proof that this is not a genuine "democrats for Reagan" cross-party endorsement.
  • Nov 07th 2006: Washington Post reports on the misleading sample ballots handed out at voting places in Maryland. Note an important part of the article:
Erik Markle, one of the [trucked-in PA homeless] people handing out literature for Ehrlich ... said he was recruited at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia. After a two-hour bus ride to Maryland, Markle said the workers were greeted early this morning by first lady Kendel Ehrlich, who thanked them as they were outfitted in T-shirts and hats with the logo for Ehrlich's reelection campaign
  • Nov 07th 2006: Jesse Signal's personal experience with one of the trucked-in leafleteers.
  • Nov 07th 2006: Maryland Community Papers Online (aka the Gazette) reports on how homeless people from Philadelphia were trucked down to Baltimore to hand out Ehrlich-Steele Democrats example ballots.
  • Nov 07th 2006: The brown shirts at FreeRepublic cross-post an image (the one shown above, originally from Dailykos. Shows where the freepers really go to find of what's really happening in the US!) of the offending sample ballot and twitter on about how its obvious that this was produced by Democrats who support Steele and whats the big fuss [I'm not going to even vaguely endorse freeperism with link to them].
  • Nov 9th 2006: David Harrington, one of the huge total of five PG county Councilmen who had actually endorsed Steele is pissed off at this blatant cheating. From an article in the Washington Post blog: 'The ugly, last-ditch efforts by Republicans Bob Ehrlich and Michael Steele to win over black voters in Prince George's County were "over the top," "foolish," "counterproductive," and "an unnecessary attempt to confuse voters,"' Nevertheless, Harrington expresses no regrets, so potentially Steele dishonesty has also killed another African American's political career.
  • Nov 09th 2006: The Philadelphia Enquirer posts a length story about the how the homeless Philadelphians were premised a $100 and breakfast lunch and dinner for distributing the fliers, how they were NOT returned to PA in time for them to vote themselves, and how used they feel now that they know they were part of a dirty tricks campaign.
    Yesterday's Washington Post reported that neither Ehrlich nor Steele was personally aware of the Philly hires [dks: so Ehrlich's wife is part of the group who does this, and Ehrlich was somehow was not aware of it? How stupid do you think we are Ehrlich?]- who knows which group loosely connected to the camps got the bus caravans rolling? Though Ehrlich told the Post, "If folks are here from out of town, that's fine with me. That's what the Democrats have always done. [So he doesn't even admit its wrong, who ever did it, and btw the Democrats are the real cheaters. Note the post article lets that unsupported allegation stand rather than following it up to check its veracity. What a wonderful liberal media we have!]"
    "I am so angry and upset, I don't know what to do," said El-Bedawi, who's particularly shattered that he and at least 200 other Philadelphians didn't get home from Maryland in time to vote here. "These people think we're too stupid to understand the magnitude of what we did." What they did, said El-Bedawi, was cheat an entire community of unsuspecting voters. And just because they didn't know they were doing it doesn't mean it doesn't feel awful. [Note to Ehrlich: El-Bedawi may not have many possesions or a home, but he has this thing called integrity that you don't have, so without a doubt he'd make a better Governor than you ever will. He's a better man than you are, Gunga Din]

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