Friday, February 16, 2007

The Vilification of Science has an interesting article by Seth Shostak asking "when did Science become the enemy?" It is well worth a read.

My car is still stuck behind a wall of solid ice at least a foot tall (thanks to the snow plow in our neighborhood pushing the snow, slush and ice all to our side of the street), and even with the neighbors help digging a channel from the street to my Wife's car yesterday was an exhausting task. So its another day of telecommuting for me.

Today's project: complete making the evolutionary synthesis code starburst99 cross-platform (well, get it working on Linux and Mac OS X with the gnu compilers and on Solaris with Sun's f77) and end the historic differences between the main version (traditionally written and run on Solaris) and the Linux version (always a few patches behind the times).

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