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Interesting Astrophysics: Nov 07-14, 2008

The latest crop of papers and preprints I consider interesting, again arranged by general category. Enjoy!

Galaxies and Starbursts

The Physical Scale of the Far-Infrared Emission in the Most Luminous Submillimeter Galaxies Joshua
D. Younger, Giovanni G. Fazio, David J. Wilner, Matthew L. N. Ashby,
Raymond Blundell, Mark A. Gurwell, Jia-Sheng Huang, Daisuke Iono,
Alison B. Peck, Glen R. Petitpas, Kimberly S. Scott, Grant. W. Wilson,
and Min S. Yun The Astrophysical Journal 2008 November 20, Vol. 688, No. 1: 59-66.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF Version (1963 KB)

Chandra Evidence for AGN Feedback in the Spiral Galaxy NGC 6764 J. H. Croston, M. J. Hardcastle, P. Kharb, R. P. Kraft, and A. Hota The Astrophysical Journal 2008 November 20, Vol. 688, No. 1: 190-197.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF Version (1898 KB)

Quenching of Star Formation
Vivienne Wild, Tamas Budavari, Jeremy Blaizot, C. Jakob Walcher, Peter H. Johansson, Gerard Lemson, Gabriella de Lucia, Stephane Charlot, arXiv:0811.1174v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 7 pages, 3 figures. Conference proceedings in "Classification and Discovery in Large Astronomical Surveys", 2008, C.A.L. Bailer-Jones (ed.)

Nobeyama Millimeter Array Observations of the Nuclear Starburst of M83: A GMA Scale Correlation between Dense Gas Fraction and Star Formation Efficiency
Kazuyuki Muraoka, Kotaro Kohno, Tomoka Tosaki, Nario Kuno, Kouichiro Nakanishi, Kazuo Sorai, Sumio Ishizuki, Toshihiro Handa, Takeshi Okuda, arXiv:0811.1431v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 25 pages, 13 figures, PASJ in press, version with high resolution figures is available via this http URL

Highly ionized gas on galaxy scales: mapping the interacting Seyfert galaxy LEDA 135736
J. Gerssen, D. J. Wilman, L. Christensen, R. G. Bower, V. Wild, arXiv:0811.1576v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: Accepted for publication in MNRAS Letters

The Stellar Populations of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5
Kiyoto Yabe, Kouji Ohta, Ikuru Iwata, Marcin Sawicki, Naoyuki Tamura, Masayuki Akiyama, Kentaro Aoki, arXiv:0811.2041v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 29 pages, 21 figures, accepted for publication in ApJ. For high-resolution figures, see this http URL

The local FIR Galaxy Colour-Luminosity distribution: A reference for BLAST, and Herschel/SPIRE sub-mm surveys
Edward L. Chapin, David H. Hughes, Itziar Aretxaga, arXiv:0811.2214v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 12 pages, 7 figures. Accepted by MNRAS

Physical properties of galaxies and their evolution in the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey. I. The evolution of the mass-metallicity relation up to z~0.9
F. Lamareille et al, arXiv:0811.2053v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 21 pages, revised version submitted to A&A

Physical properties of galaxies and their evolution in the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey. II. Extending the mass-metallicity relation to the range z=0.89-1.24
E. Perez-Montero et al, arXiv:0811.2085v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 9 pages and 8 figures. In press in Astronomy & Astrophysics

Did they really need to split this into two papers? But anyway, they conclude that their results are consistent with the Tremonti et al (2004) interpretation: low mass galaxies lose metal, while high mass galaxies experience effectively closed box chemical evolution.

X-ray specific papers of interest

X-Ray Reflection Nebulae with Large Equivalent Widths of Neutral Iron Ka Line in the Sgr C Region
Hiroshi Nakajima, Takeshi Go Tsuru, Masayoshi Nobukawa, Hironori Matsumoto, Katsuji Koyama, Hiroshi Murakami, Atsushi Senda, Shigeo Yamauchi, arXiv:0811.1830v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: Accepted for publication in PASJ

Stars and Supernovae

Probing The Lower Mass Limit for Supernova Progenitors and the High-Mass End of the Initial-Final Mass Relation from White Dwarfs in the Open Cluster M35 (NGC 2168)
Kurtis A. Williams, Michael Bolte, Detlev Koester, arXiv:0811.1577v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal. 16 pages, 9 figures, Figures 1-5 and 7 reduced in resolution. Uses emulateapj.cls

Elemental abundances, chemical evolution, plasma physics

On the solar nickel and oxygen abundances
Pat Scott, Martin Asplund, Nicolas Grevesse, A. Jacques Sauval, arXiv:0811.0815v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 4 pages, 2 figures. Submitted to ApJL

Metal-Absorption Column Densities in Fast Radiative Shocks
Orly Gnat, Amiel Sternberg, arXiv:0811.1774v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 32 pages, 29 figures. ApJ in press. Electronic data available at this http URL


Coreless Terrestrial Exoplanets Linda T. Elkins-Tanton and Sara Seager The Astrophysical Journal 2008 November 20, Vol. 688, No. 1: 628-635.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF Version (356 KB)

The X-Ray Environment During the Epoch of Terrestrial Planet Formation: Chandra Observations of h Persei
Thayne Currie, Nancy Remage Evans, Brad Spitzbart, Jonathan Irwin, Scott J. Wolk, Jesus Hernandez, Scott J. Kenyon, Jay Pasachoff, arXiv:0811.1753v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: 34 pages, 7 Figures, 2 Tables; Accepted for publication in The Astronomical Journal

Long Period Exoplanets
Caleb Scharf, Kristen Menou, arXiv:0811.1981v1 [astro-ph]
Comments: Submitted ApJ Letters

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