Friday, March 13, 2009

Interesting Astrophysics: Mar 09 to Mar 13

A relatively quiet week in terms of interesting papers and preprints. Of particular note this week are Alonso-Herrero et al's Spitzer observations of NGC 3690, Iwasawa et al's study of Fe XXV emission in LIRGs, and Añorve-Zeferino et al's cluster wind + superbubble paper.

Galaxies and Starbursts

The Extreme Star Formation Activity of Arp299 Revealed by Spitzer IRS Spectral Mapping
Almudena Alonso-Herrero, George H. Rieke, Luis Colina, Miguel Pereira-Santaella, Macarena Garcia-Marin, J. D. T. Smith, Bernhard Brandl, Vassilis Charmandaris, Lee Armus, arXiv:0903.1495 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: Accepted in ApJ

Arp299 is NGC 3690 + IC694.

High-ionization Fe K emission from luminous infrared galaxies
K. Iwasawa, D. B. Sanders, A. S. Evans, J. M. Massarella, L. Armus, J. A. Surace, arXiv:0903.1503 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 4 pages, 2 figures, ApJ Letters in press

Multiwavelength View of the Inner Spiral of NGC 1365
I. V. Strateva, S. Komossa, arXiv:0903.1548 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 15 pages, submitted to MNRAS

The SINS survey: SINFONI Integral Field Spectroscopy of z ~ 2 Star-forming Galaxies
N.M. Forster Schreiber, R. Genzel, N. Bouche, G. Cresci, R. Davies, P. Buschkamp, K. Shapiro, L. J. Tacconi, E. K. S. Hicks, S. Genel, A. E. Shapley, D. K. Erb, C. C. Steidel, D. Lutz, F. Eisenhauer, S. Gillessen, A. Sternberg, A. Renzini, A. Cimatti, E. Daddi, J. Kurk, S. Lilly, X. Kong, M. D. Lehnert, N. Nesvadba, A. Verma, H. McCracken, N. Arimoto, M. Mignoli, M. Onodera, arXiv:0903.1872 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 66 pages, 34 figures, submitted to Astrophysical Journal

The Star Formation and Nuclear Accretion Histories of Normal Galaxies in the AGES Survey
Casey R. Watson, Christopher S. Kochanek, William R. Forman, Ryan C. Hickox, Christine J. Jones, Michael J. I. Brown, Kate Brand, Arjun Dey, Buell T. Jannuzi, Almus T. Kenter, Steve S. Murray, Alexey Vikhlinin, Daniel J. Eisenstein, Giovani G. Fazio, Paul J. Green, Brian R. McNamara, Marcia Rieke, Joseph C. Shields, arXiv:0903.2219 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 19 pages, 15 figures, 3 tables, accepted for publication in ApJ

Effects of dust abundance on the far-infrared colours of blue compact dwarf galaxies
Hiroyuki Hirashita, Tomohiro T. Ichikawa, arXiv:0903.1946 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 12 pages, 8 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS

Black Holes and AGN

The bulk kinetic power of radio jets in active galactic nuclei
Minfeng Gu, Xinwu Cao, D.R. Jiang, arXiv:0903.1896 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: MNRAS accepted

The starburst-AGN connection: the role of young stellar populations in fueling supermassive black holes
Y.-M. Chen, J.-M. Wang, C.-S. Yan, C. Hu, S. Zhang, arXiv:0903.1901 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 4 pages, 2 color figures. ApJ Letters (in press)


Fresnel zone plates for Achromatic Imaging Survey of X-ray sources
S. Palit, S. K. Chakrabarti, D. Debnath, V. Yadav, A. Nandi, arXiv:0903.1540 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 4 Pages, 5 Figures, Proceeding of the 2nd Kolkata Conference on "Observational Evidence for the Black Holes in the Universe", Published in AIP, 2008
Journal-ref: 2008AIPC.1053..391P

Interstellar Medium

Interstellar Dust Models and Evolutionary Implications
B. T. Draine, arXiv:0903.1658 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 20 pages, to appear in "Cosmic Dust -- Near and Far", ed. Th. Henning, E. Grun, J. Steinacker (ASP Conf. Series)

On the X-ray emission from massive star clusters and their evolving superbubbles II. Detailed analytics and observational effects
G. A. Añorve-Zeferino, G. Tenorio-Tagle, S. Silich, arXiv:0903.1678 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 30 pages, 15 figures. Accepted by MNRAS

The Relation Between Optical Extinction and Hydrogen Column Density in the Galaxy
Tolga Guver, Feryal Ozel, arXiv:0903.2057 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: submitted to MNRAS

They find $N_{\rm H} = (2.30 \pm 0.04) \times 10^{21} \times A_{\rm V}$.

Stars, Supernovae and Planets

SN 2008S: an electron capture SN from a super-AGB progenitor?
M.T. Botticella, et al, arXiv:0903.1286 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: submitted to MNRAS

The Runaway White Dwarf LP400-22 Has a Companion
Mukremin Kilic, Warren R. Brown, Carlos Allende Prieto, B. Swift, S. J. Kenyon, J. Liebert, M. A. Agueros, arXiv:0903.1843 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: ApJ Letters, in press

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