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Interesting Astrophysics: Jan 12 - Jan 16

Another week, and another dose of preprints (and maybe some actual refereed papers too) that strike my fancy. There are a decent number of papers on or related to starbursts, and even a few papers that can be loosely considered as somewhat related to galactic winds as well, both of which are nice.

"Interesting Astrophysics" will return in two weeks time.

Galaxies and Starbursts

Magnetic structure of our Galaxy: A review of observations
J. L. Han, arXiv:0901.1165 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 10+1 pages. Invited Review for IAU Symp.259: Cosmic Magnetic Fields: From Planets, to Stars and Galaxies (Tenerife, Spain. Nov.3-7, 2009). K.G. Strassmeier, A.G. Kosovichev & J.E. Beckman (eds.)

Yes, I know this is very similar to the Han conference proceedings (arXiv:0901.0040) in last week's Interesting Astrophysics.

Cosmic-ray driven dynamo in the medium of irregular galaxy
Hubert Siejkowski, Marian Soida, Katarzyna Otmianowska-Mazur, Michał Hanasz, Dominik Bomans, arXiv:0901.1566 [pdf, other]
Comments: 2 pages, 2 figures, To be published in "Cosmic Magnetic Fields: From Planets, to Stars and Galaxies", K.G. Strassmeier, A.G. Kosovichev & J.E. Beckman, eds., Proc. IAU Symp. 259, CUP

Cluster magnetic fields from galactic outflows
J. Donnert, K. Dolag, H. Lesch and E. Müller, 2008, MNRAS, 392, 1008
Full Text: HTML, PDF (Size: 55539K)

Modelling Starbursts in HII Galaxies: What do we need to fit the observations?
M. L. Martin-Manjon, M. Molla, A. I. Diaz, R. Terlevich, arXiv:0901.1186 [ps, pdf, other
Comments: 6 pages, 5 figures, proceedings to "Star-forming Dwarf Galaxies:
Ariadne's Thread in the Cosmic Labyrinth", Crete, 2008

The role of E+A and post-starburst galaxies I. Models and model results
Marie Aylin Falkenberg, Uta Fritze, arXiv:0901.1665 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: accepted for publication in MNRAS; 14 pages, 21 figures;

Role of galactic gaseous halos in recycling enriched winds from bulges to disks: A new bulge-disk chemical connection
K. Bekki, T. Tsujimoto, M. Chiba, arXiv:0901.1355 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 13 pages, 4 figures (1 color), accepted by ApJL

I must take time out to read this at some point.

Radio Recombination Lines toward the Galactic Center Lobe
C. J. Law, D. Backer, F. Yusef-Zadeh, R. Maddalena, arXiv:0901.1480 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: Accepted to ApJ. 17 pages, 9 figures, emulateapj style

An Ultra Compact Dwarf around the Sombrero galaxy (M104): the Nearest Massive UCD
George K. T. Hau, Lee R. Spitler, Duncan A. Forbes, Robert N. Proctor, Jay Strader, J. Trevor Mendel, Jean P. Brodie, William E. Harris, arXiv:0901.1693 [pdf, other]
Comments: 5 pages, MNRAS Letters accepted

AGN and Black Holes

AGN and starburst in bright Seyfert galaxies: from IR photometry to IR spectroscopy
Luigi Spinoglio, Silvia Tommasin, Matthew A. Malkan, arXiv:0901.1212 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: Invited talk at the conference "A Long Walk Through Astronomy: a celebration of the scientific contributions of Luis Carrasco on his 60th Birthday", October 15-17, 2008, Huatulco, Oaxaca (Mexico). Editors: E. Recillas, L. Aguilar, A. Luna, J.R. Valdes. To be published in the RevMexAA (Serie de Conferencias)

Do Moderate-Luminosity AGN Suppress Star Formation?
Kevin Schawinski, Shanil Virani, Brooke Simmons, C. Megan Urry, Ezequiel Treister, Sugata Kaviraj, Bronika Kushkuley, arXiv:0901.1663 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: Accepted for publication in ApJ Letters. 7 pages, 4 figures

Kinematic and Excitation Structure of the NGC 1068 Narrow-Line Region
Shinobu Ozaki, arXiv:0901.1704 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 18 pages, 17 figures. Accepted for publication in PASJ

This has some nice-looking work on radiation-driven clouds, which I really should spend some time reading more carefully.

Numerical Astrophysics and Hydrodynamics

Gas Stripping in Simulated Galaxies with a Multiphase ISM
Stephanie Tonnesen, Greg L. Bryan, arXiv:0901.2115 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 17 pages, 12 figures, accepted in ApJ

3D numerical model of the Omega Nebula (M17): simulated thermal X-ray emission
J. Reyes-Iturbide, P. F. Velazquez, M. Rosado, A. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, R. F. Gonzalez, A. Esquivel, arXiv:0901.2142 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 8 pages, 6 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS

Stars, Star Clusters and Planets

Spitzer View of Young Massive Stars in the LMC HII Complex N44
C.-H. Rosie Chen, You-Hua Chu, Robert A. Gruendl, Karl D. Gordon, Fabian Heitsch, <arXiv:0901.1328 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: 63 pages, 15 figures, accepted for publication for ApJ; some figures
in jpeg format to meet the size limit; preprint with high resolution images
can be found at this http URL

Highly Accelerated Diamagnetic Plasmoids: A New X-ray Production Mechanism for OB Stellar Winds
Wayne L. Waldron, Joseph P. Cassinelli, arXiv:0901.1405 [ps, pdf, other]
Comments: Accepted for publication in ApJ Letters, 4 pages, 4 figures (color), 1 table

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